House on the Water – Kerala Backwater Tour Packages

In days of yore, anyone standing by the banks of Vembanad Lake could see 70 feet long, coconut fibre tied boats float on the serenely magnificent backwaters. These boats or kettuvallams as they are locally known in Kerala were used to ferry rice and spices throughout God’s own country. With advent of modernity, newer modes of transportation started developing which left these long slow moving residents of Vemaband redundant. With passage of time, kettuvallams are making a comeback.

A brilliant idea by the tourism ministry turned the decrepit barges, wasting away in the backwaters, to a sensational new avenue for tourists. Now, Kerala houseboat tours are conducted by operators big and small and finding oneself on a floating house, surrounded by lush green towering trees and sounds of the jungle is an experience to die for. New houseboats are equipped with modern luxuries like cushioned couches, television sets, viewing deck with seating space and so much more that takes visitors’ breath away. It feels like being adrift in a cottage that has been fitted with all of life’s luxuries. Regular Kerala houseboat tours take place on the backwaters, which is an interconnected network of rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Alleppey and Kumarakom are a hit among travellers. A tour could be one day to one week long based on the package opted for by the vacationer. Number of occupants on the boat varies, again depending upon the selected package. A large houseboat can accommodate up to ten people comfortably. Smaller vessels that take star-crossed lovers on a romance across the lake are also available. Tours can be designed that inculcate halts at key tourist spots on the backwater trail. The meals served are mostly local but other options are available too, especially upon request. Being a tropical country, any period is feasible for a trip to Kerala. Hop on and float downstream into a world of fantasy.


Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


This is not an illustration from a book with stories and photos of the real place . Located in Ukraine , near the town of Kleve and is known worldwide as the ” Tunnel of Love” . In fact, he has a practical purpose – under the natural arch of leaves moving private train that carries wood to the local factory . Nearly three -kilometer-long tunnel , however, is much more popular with its romantic feature. Lovers from different places travel to him specifically to kiss under the green and they want desires. The belief is that if their love is sincere , it requested will come true.

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Renowned Tourist Spots in India


India is a country with endless tourist destinations, offering a great opportunity for wonderful sightseeing and tourism. There are numerous tourist spots in India, distributed in its North, South, West and East. Both International and domestic tourists visit, observe, see, enjoy and explore these places every day. This article lists a few of these renowned locations.

Agra – Agra is one of the most visited places in India for its architectural brilliances including the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Jama Masjid, Sikandra, Itmad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Emperor Akbar’s Mausoleum, etc. Since Agra is located very close to New Delhi, the capital of India, which is a cultural, commercial, political, and educational centre, those who visit New Delhi for the first time are sure to visit Agra too.

Kerala – Located at the Southern part of India, Kerala has nature’s display at its best. Its beautiful beaches, Ayurvedic parlors and resorts, serene houseboats, lovely back waters, and lush hill stations are simply worth enjoying. Beaches like Varkala, Kovalam, Poovar, Cherai, Beypore, Kappad, Maraikulam, Bekal, Alappuzha, etc are ideal for swimming, tanning, Ayurvedic body massages, and sunbathing. Numerous Ayurvedic spas, resorts, and massage centers to rejuvenate its visitors make Kerala the most sought after site. Serene Backwaters with mobile house boats are enjoyed at Kollam, Kumarakom and Alleppey. Wayanad, Ponmudi, Munnar and Devikulam are the green hill stations to spend your vacations perfectly.

Goa – Goa is another renowned destination with many tourist spots in India, mostly visited for its sunny beaches, ancient temples, authentic cuisine, art and culture, deluxe hotels, multi-fare restaurants, striking Portuguese architecture, etc. Besides, you can also enjoy biodiversity and natural vegetation at the Contigao Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which are located here. There are also the Savoi spice plantations, where people visit to explore the plantations. Other interesting tourist destinations include the Goa State Museum, the Central library, the Kala Academy, and the Goa Science Centre. Furthermore, Goa is a wonderful shopping destination for handicraft items like lacquer chitaris, terracotta figurines, brass wares, water color paintings, bamboo crafts, sea-shell jewellery and many more.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves – The Ajanta and Ellora Caves represent India’s rich architectural culture, and are considered as World Heritages by the UNESCO. These manmade caves, cut out of rocks have sculptures and paintings on their walls. These paintings and sculptures pertain to Jainism and Hinduism. Located near Maharashtra, the Ajanta and Ellora caves are frequently visited by heritage lovers from all over the world. 

Ways to make weekends memorable

Weekends, for a working person, is a break that gives an exclusive chance to invigorate the tired body and the even tired mind. It is a time that only demands rest, and some lone moments to get into the grove. So to make the most of this time, one can certainly try out these proven ways:

  • Be with your family members: In this era of tough competition and hectic work schedule, we hardly get some time to be with our family members. So it is the weekend, which can be capitalized for having some quality time with our dear ones. Have some memorable meal sessions or if possible go out for a family picnic (if the weather is conducive).
  •  Get close your best buddies: In week days, when we often lose our temper and composure due to excessive work load, we try to avoid other aspects of our personal life. This alienates us from our close friends and near ones. So, it is the weekends that can be used for get-together parties/ hang-outs in lively places like coffee bars, Adventure Park, etc.
  • Visit any place of your interest: This is another brilliant option that one try out in weekends. There are lots of places in and around our house that we intent to visit, but somehow fail to visit due to our busy work schedule. For this reason one can certainly make the most of their week-offs by visiting their place of interest.
  • Try out your skills in games that we like: Week-offs give us an exclusive chance to play the games that we once loved to play in our school/college days. One can have a wonderful time by indulging themselves completely in both outdoor and indoor games. If possible, also get the company of best pals to relive the heart-touching memories of school/college days.

Tips to travel swiftly and safely in India

India, with its diverse topographical regions and wide blend of culture and tradition, is a place that can mesmerize and at the same time puzzle you a lot. In a foreign land, where a traveller is completely unaware of typical customs and way of living, a journey can become mayhem.  And especially, when one is travelling a diversified land like India, the precautionary measures have to be stringently followed. For getting the taste of real India and to travel safely in this vivid land of culture and tradition, one should keep these things at the back of their mind:

** Have a detailed knowledge in your pocket: It is always a plus to have detailed information about the place you are travelling to. This basic knowledge about the place can help you in exploring the region in a holistic manner. It also assists in having a safe journey, no matter where you are.

** Be aware of street-smart bluff-masters: The streets of India are equally filled with bluff-masters, along with generous and helpful individuals. Having a bold look on the face and avoiding garrulous chats can prevent you from falling into murky traps.

** Friendly nature helps: In India, where people very easily get into lively chat sessions, a friendly nature can certainly make a lot of difference. In case of sudden misfortunes, this amicable trait of yours can fetch a great amount of help and that too at meager expense.

 ** Never play with the emotional chord: Indians are very sensitive at heart. It is a land where religion and culture are being treated as strong threads of unity and brotherhood. So, it is better to have unison with their thought-process and avoid unnecessary debates.

 ** Carry all necessary stuffs of a backpacker: While you are in India, it is necessary to be packed with daily essentials. This possession helps in braving tough conditions, which one may face when they try to explore the real India (without lavish stay and delicious food).